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On June 26, Senator More Jobs Less Government visited a local furniture works. He was taking credit for the proprietor receiving $65,000 worth of less government. This less government payment probably won’t have to be repaid and goes on your grandchildren’s credit card.

In the photo it is apparent that the senator didn’t say, “Now, at least for the picture, let’s all put on masks.”

The funding relieves the effects of the virus, but neither the senator nor the recipient set an example of the simplest, most obvious act to show that they’re trying to stop the spread of the disease.

When we observe someone in public without a mask we’re looking at yet another person who wants this ordeal to go on forever.

That’s just one reason why I’m voting for Steve Bullock for senator, Mike Cooney for governor, and Kathleen Williams for U.S. Congress.

They’re not afraid to wear masks because they don’t want this to go on forever.

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Patricia Cornelious