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Look it up! Both Washington and John Adams left writings warning us not to get into the two-party political system. They envisioned the gridlock, one-up man-ship and grandstanding the inflated egos of those who thought of politics as a hardball game of you-lose-because-I-must-win.

The Democrats and Republicans, although they make similar assumptions, thunder at each other and drown out many minority voices. These big politicians are sitting ducks for big money. Massive contributions and a well-oiled system of psychologically convincing people are brought out.

The good old boys network will take the new idealistic people elected by the shoulder and say, “now let us show you how things are really done around here.”

I will vote – within reason – for the “third party” candidates. I will not accept the monopoly of thought government has become. The ultimate outcome on the road we are traveling, with politicians scratching the backs of corporations, and those moneyed interests filling the pockets of politicians, is one big corporations owning the means of production and pulling the strings of decisions in government.

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Daniel R. Peterson