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Donald Trump lost this election, both the popular vote and the electoral vote. All attempts to claim that there was fraud have been discredited. That talk is just a smokescreen.

In plain sight, Trump has been purging competent high up officials in the military and intelligence and security. He is replacing them with sycophants. He is in the process of sacrificing this country in order to hang on to power. Every citizen who does not speak out is complicit! Do not adopt a wait and see attitude! This is urgent! Call, write, and attend a rally supporting the vote. If this coup d’état succeeds, none of us will have the protection of the constitution. Democracy in the U.S. will be lost.

Whether one is a Republican or a Democrat or something else does not matter. All of us will lose our voice. This is what happened in Nazi Germany. Ask our veterans that we honor this Veterans Day, just what they fought for. Today, we all need to fight for our country in the face of this very real and present danger.

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Mary Carlson