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I had to respond to Jerry Calvert’s March 18 letter. In it, he remarked that Trump’s response to the COVID-19 was incompetent. As well he called Trump our “ infant-in-chief “ and said he should retire and go back to Mar a Lago and golf his brains out. Really? Let me educate you!

In mid-January 2020 Trump heard of a viral out brake in China. On Jan. 21, an infected person was found to be here in America. Trump then issued a China travel ban on Jan. 31. Trump acted immediately and decisively. Joe Biden, the top Democrats, and the Democrat controlled media went wild! They called Trump a xenophobe, a racist, hysterical, and a fear-monger. It was then that some of top Dems were aware of the possible viral danger to America’s populous.

The Dems continued on with their power grab through impeachment rather than entertain a more serious matter urgent to the American people! All said, the Trump administration was always prepared for almost anything, just not a pandemic of this size! Who was? Who knew? Yet his administration gets criticized daily from the left for shortfalls in tests, ventilators, etc., hourly.

The Trump administration, fully aware of this shortfall, had the smarts to engage the private sector to expedite all things needed from masks to vaccines. It just may possible that most of the anti-Trumpers would test negative today because of Trump's early travel ban and his administration’s efforts today! To all the anti-Trump authors who write these snobby little letters, I suggest you all find a different factual news source! Stay away from the left wing, anti-Trump, alphabet news channels that have you so brainwashed from their lack of candor.

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Scott Restvedt