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Author, social commentator, public speaker and actor, Fran Leibowitz recently said, “the biggest danger of Trump is that he’s a moron...You don’t know anyone as stupid as Donald Trump.” She believes naked racism was behind Trump’s election. “He allowed people to express their racism and bigotry in ways they haven’t been able to in a long while, and they love him for that.”

WaPo opinion writer, Jennifer Rubin, writes, “...Trump’s tenure seems rockier than ever...entirely unfit (temperamentally, intellectually and in every other imaginable way)...becoming worse with time...The quality of each new addition to Trump's worse than that of the person being replaced, while qualified, ethical public servants want no part of this train wreck.”

WaPo’s David Nakamura writes, “Trump’s continual verbal assaults against black reporters, candidates and lawmakers...renew criticism that...he employs insults...aimed at making his African American targets appear unintelligent, untrustworthy and unqualified...” He recently launched well-reported personal attacks against three black female journalists. “...attacks he levels against people of color including black professionals...are straight out of historic playbooks about black workers and professionals...not being qualified, nor intelligent, nor having what it takes to succeed in a predominantly white environment.”

Princeton's African American studies chairman said, "Trump's not subtle...It's understand this as a central part of who he is."

And close to home:

As Republicans bashed Democrats for "mob" tactics ahead of the midterms, Trump praised Gianforte's assaulting a reporter.

A White House correspondent said, "Americans should recoil from...Trump's praise for violent assault on someone doing his constitutionally protected job...celebrating criminality by someone sworn to uphold our laws, and an attack on the First Amendment by someone who soon after, solemnly pledged to defend it.”

It’s time for change!

Dan Lourie


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