How to effect climate change? Dec. 9 is a pivotal day.

NorthWestern Energy (NWE) is a private company functioning as a corporate monopoly, with near absolute control over energy availability in our state.

The Public Service Commission (PSC), comprised of five conservative businessmen, is solely responsible for oversight over how NWE conducts its business.

NWE’s new “20 Year Electricity Supply Resource Procurement Plan,” about to be approved by the PSC, includes not one single percent of investment in renewable energy (solar or wind). Zip. Zero. Nada.

Neglect to seriously consider three things then, at our peril:

Development of renewable energy is essential to address climate change. The whole world knows it, and is racing to reap the benefits. If we don’t join the rush, we lose those jobs and investment.

NWE's leaders think they answer only to their board, stockholders and the PSC. They believe no one is big enough to make them change.

Unrecognized, people and organizations have worked for change with NWE for decades. Their diligent efforts have been stonewalled. NWE intends to conduct business as usual, despite obvious proof of our world careening toward disaster.

“You’ve convinced me. Now make me do it.” - President Theodore Roosevelt

On Monday, Dec. 9, the PSC members will hold their last public hearings before making their decision in Helena. If ever our futures needed us to take a stand, this is it.

Montanans are big enough to force NWE to change. Together we must get off work, get on buses to Helena, and make the PSC make NWE resubmit its plan. Montanans want energy derived from substantial renewable energy development, and won’t stand for less. You’ve been asking what you can do. This is it.

Andrew Haralam