In his Feb. 2 letter, Montanans must vote out Democrats come November, Peter Arnone is very liberal in his condemnation of Democrats. Democrats are using the tactics of Stalin and Hitler, he says, telling “The Big Lie.” But exactly what Big Lie have Democrats told?

Do you believe Trump did not solicit foreign help for his 2020 presidential campaign? Of course he did! In his own transcript of the “perfect call,” Trump asked the Ukrainian president for “a favor,” a promise to get dirt on Joe Biden, Trump’s likely opponent.

Did Trump not coerce Ukraine? Of course he did! Trump’s own EU ambassador said there was a quid pro quo. Trump stopped military aid to pressure Ukraine to get what he wanted.

Did Trump not obstruct justice by defying subpoenas for evidence and testimony? Of course he did! He proclaims himself immune from investigation, the actions of a dictator.

Did Trump not put his own political interests ahead of U.S. national security? Of course he did! Russia is an aggressor. It’s in our national interest to contain them. Trump saw a Fox News poll showing Biden beating him, and his craving to win outweighed U.S. security interests.

The facts show that Trump solicited political help from foreign countries, abused power, and obstructed justice. Just as the articles of impeachment stated.

Trump supporters find lots of excuses, especially by attacking those evil Democrats, making wild Nazi comparisons while ignoring Trump’s dictatorial tendencies. Some even admit that Trump did what he was accused of, but say it’s okay. In the Senate trial several Republicans made this argument, to their great shame. But Trump’s actions were illegal, and the law is righteous.

Our elections should be made in America. Steve Daines and Greg Gianforte disgraced themselves by excusing Trump’s abuses. Montanans must vote them out.

Neil Schwarzwalder