Many strong supporters of their Second Amendment rights may feel disheartened by the Governor’s announcement of a temporary ban on the sale of flavored electronic cigarettes and vaping products as reported on the front page news of my yesterday’s Bozeman Daily Chronicle (“Montana temporarily bans flavored e-cigarettes”, October 9).

They may believe that our market system will find a non-regulatory solution – resolving it after many young people thin out their ranks with multiple deaths and life-long illnesses. These strong supporters may feel that freedom of choice has been curtailed exposing our apparent little regard in these individuals’ good judgment. Worst of all, these supporters may realize that it takes little time before a similar logic is used to ban certain guns and munitions from law abiding citizens that want to have fun by using guns/munitions whose only purpose is for mass killing.

Also not accounted for is the loss of revenue of vaping shops that sell these products (which however is quickly brought out in a follow-up article reported in the same BDC, “Montana vape shop gears up to challenge bans”).

For these strong supporters, I ask them to consider that it is long recognized that market failures abound in our capitalist economy. Such recognition is not to say that we need to abandon the main tenets of capitalism; only that collective action is called for. Doing so does not mean that we are moving to socialism, but only considering the “public good.”

In this instance of vaping, we need to acknowledge that “there are too many things we don’t understand about the unintended consequences of vaping” as stated by Bozeman school superintendent in the follow-up article. Hopefully we can all be cognizant that this extends to other pressing concerns.

Felix Spinelli