This morning I read Mr. Gurley’s letter, “Are Trump’s values those of our community, nation?” and I agree with virtually everything he said.

I had a very scary thought after reading it. Next year we will have an election that will set the course of this country for the next four years. Right now, in spite of Trump’s continuous disregard for the constitution, the rule of law, and engaging in behavior that none of us would want our children to model, he has to be somewhat "restrained" or at least mindful of the fact that he needs to win the next election. If he wins the next election and we continue to have a Republican led Congress that seems to have lost its moral compass and spine, can you imagine how emboldened Trump will be?

He won’t have to worry about reelection and he will have a Republican led Senate that has shown no willingness at all to provide any oversight to this administration. Just think about it. If you think Trump has done damage this term, just wait. My prediction is that even some of his most ardent supporters will be shocked at what this man is capable of once all the restraints are off. Of course, by then it will be too late.

Michael Miller