If the prevailing tribal mentality in Washington, D.C., continues much longer, a dangerous precedent may be established. Hyper-politicization of nearly everything has severely exacerbated a hopelessly pathetic situation. When absolute party loyalty (i.e. partisanship) becomes more important than truth, the rule of law is seriously compromised, and our democratic system is ultimately doomed to fail.

Whatever happened to abiding by the truth and doing the right thing for America? How can anything be resolved when one party refuses to accept reality/truth, choosing instead to promote their "fictional narrative"? How much more political madness can the American people tolerate? Make no mistake about it - no one (including POTUS) is above the law - and justice will eventually prevail.

Lest anyone think I'm a radical left-wing Democrat, I have never been affiliated with any political party; I prefer to think for myself, and I challenge you to do the same.

Douglas K. Stream