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My wife and I are fed up and it’s time for somebody to pay. Nightly we are deluged with half-truths, half-lies and that’s just the newscasts. Then come the commercial breaks. There is no sponsor protection for politicians. Pro-candidate A ad followed by anti-candidate A ad, then it is candidate B’s turn. There is no concern for the poor viewer as corporate honchos smile all the way to the bank.

So far we have damaged mute buttons on two remotes, sometimes from overuse and sometimes in disgust and frustration. My wife’s carpal tunnel has been aggravated and doctors tell me I have repetitive stress injury, pressing the mute button too often and too hard.

For relief we went to YouTube videos, but to no avail. Have you noticed the content you want to view on YouTube is muted but not so with the political and other ads you have to view to get to the topic you wanted? Sometimes you can skip a non-political ad on YouTube but not so with political ads; you get the whole nine yards, most of which comes from the back end of a bovine.

I am to the point of answering the nightly robo-calls. I will practice this so I can choose candidates from opposing parties for each question. Party A for president, party B for Senate, party A for representative, party B for governor and so on. I will listen closely to see if the pollster asks the same question twice. If so I will choose a different candidate each time the question is asked.

It doesn’t take a Washington think-tank to know viewers are frustrated. Maybe our Congress-critters can include free replacement remotes in the next COVID relief package.

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Tom and Helen Beausoleil