As a Triple Tree homeowner, I would like to thank GVLT for the many improvements they have made to the Triple Tree trail both this year and last. Volunteers from all over Bozeman contributed hundreds of hours of their labor to make these improvements possible.

I also would like to thank GVLT and all of those who provided easements to enable the connection of the Triple Tree and Painted Hills trails. Now Triple Tree and Bozeman families can ride to and from town without taking dangerous roads.

GVLT is truly a treasure for our county. I think they are doing an excellent job managing the Triple Tree trail. I have seen the GVLT staff act with the same level of care and concern for the trail that they would have for their own property. GVLT maintains an excellent relationship with the Triple Tree homeowners’ association and collaborates with the association in advance before making trail changes. Equally important, GVLT is always willing to meet with homeowners who have concerns and then tries to resolve those concerns.

GVLT has been active with signage, social media, Chronicle columns and the associations in town, encouraging trail users to employ good trail etiquette and to follow the rules. This is particularly important as the trails pass close by to homes, so that the trails do not become a negative experience for nearby homeowners.

I am hoping that the Triple Tree trail becomes known as the friendliest trail in town. If you use the trail, take a few seconds to say “hi” to those you pass. I got to say “hello” to a group from Italy and a couple from Wisconsin on the trail this morning. Both groups remarked how beautiful Montana is and how friendly our residents are.

Jeff Yates