Support Local Journalism


I want to thank the Chronicle for keeping us informed in difficult times. Your continued efforts to produce original local reporting on education, the environment, health, MSU, our quality of life, and the sprinkling of personality pieces can’t be found elsewhere. Oh, television does its best but they only have seconds to report briefly on selected stories. Your paper offers us column inches of information. Your letters section is wide open to the informed and the less informed. I am also pleased that you ask for the participation of local community members. You are the glue that helps hold the community together.

It is good sport in every community to criticize the local paper.

I think few reader understand that in 24 hours you are making hundreds of decisions on the fly. Plus, some people are offended by facts that make them uncomfortable. You may occasionally get it wrong but every morning the fresh news and information ends up on the breakfast table.

In appreciation, I am going to make a special effort to patronize your advertisers. Thank you. Now, more than ever, we need you.

Support Local Journalism

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Raymond Strother