Here we go again. Another mass shooting followed by proposed gun control legislation. As a gun owner I want these shootings to stop now. And to do that, more than another gun law needs to be enacted.

These shootings have two things in common: They are carried out where there is a large gathering of people - schools, malls, churches, night clubs, and theaters. And these locations have traditionally been gun-free zones - a shooters dream.

The shooters for the most part are very young male boys. They have not lived long enough to have a background record to search. They are also troubled and innovative.

USA Today published an article last week that strongly identified the news and social media as a significant contributor to these events. The shooters are trying to outdo each other with the casualty count and elevate their notoriety. The article also called out high-capacity magazines, but you can carry a bunch full of smaller magazines and you do not need to wait for the firearm to be empty before adding another one. A few second exercise.

In Russia in 2018, 20-plus victims were killed along with 50 plus wounded. The shooter, after going through a long permit system, acquired a shotgun for hunting and also passed a psychological screening exam. The system failed.

There has been a few attempted mass shootings lately where the shooter was killed, wounded or held at gunpoint by an armed individual until police arrived.

In this community there is a significant population of citizens with concealed carry permits. They are a deterrent. We have assets here to assist in selecting a weapon, provide instruction on safety and developing shooting skills. It's a solution not another bubble-wrap approach.

Bill Stone