I 100% agree with the homeowners of Love Lane who have appealed without avail to the MDT regarding the landing lights outside their homes.

I counted the number of those lights today, excepting the two facing Huffine, and have to wonder if anyone from the MDT spent any time along Love Lane after dark. The number of lights and their distance from Huffine leaves me pondering the need for all of them. At the very least MDT should take out the three after the side road as one proceeds away from Huffine. This at least would eliminate some of the effect of turning night into day.

I also wish to tell MDT that they should have done some studies to determine the amount of light actually needed for the intersection to be considered safe for drivers at night.

I wish to tell MDT that they should have gone to the homeowners, asked to go inside their homes at night to see the effects of their decisions.

This is a case of overreach and lack of being a good neighbor.

While I don't see any need for seven lights along Love Lane since you already now have a stop light at the intersection I think MDT should immediately mitigate the lighting and remove at the very least the last three.

An unwillingness in this case by MDT leaves residents with a bad taste in their mouths regarding what has become more and more of the norm.

MDT should be a good neighbor, not a stubborn one.

We are dealing with increasing amounts of light pollution in the valley. MDT should be part of considering the ill effects of light pollution, not adding to it.

Carolyn Hopper