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Bozeman is fortunate that my friend, Rabbi Ed Stafman, wants to begin his third career as a candidate for the Montana House of Representatives.

In his first career, as a lawyer, he worked to promote the legal rights of citizens; in his second, as a clergyman, he worked for human rights and community values. He has concern and compassion for the environment, education, health care, the disadvantaged, and the worker. From my viewpoint he is politically moderate, and he knows that in a state as politically diverse as ours, only moderate positions have a chance to gain broad support.

His ability to unify has been demonstrated in his promotion of a strong interfaith community in Bozeman. I believe that he will be heard and heeded on both sides of the aisle in the Montana Legislature. I have never known a harder worker. If you live in House District 62, vote for Ed Stafman; and while you’re at it, vote for moderates Cooney, Williams and Bullock who also want to get things done for Montanans.

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Stephen Guggenheim