When Gov. Bullock is asked why he’s running for president at the debates, I have a reply for him. (He can thank me later!)

“My opponents don’t represent the party I grew up with. We promoted common-sense ideas that made for a stronger, more united America. Instead, they want to divide Americans and buy votes by offering 'free' stuff!

"When we lose an election we need to work harder to earn back the support of voters, not waste time and money trying to prove the election was stolen. That’s what losers do!

"I don’t believe in 'pie-in-the-sky' programs. For example:

"Climate change: Rely on experts in the field to develop a realistic, affordable plan. My opponents are touting totally unworkable solutions.

"Abortion: Women have the right to choose but we should do everything we can to minimize the time between conception and killing the fetus. My opponents insult decent Americans by suggesting killing babies through the ninth month and forcing tax payers to foot the bill!

"Border security: We must lead the way! Instead, my opponents focus entirely on obstruction rather than solutions, and voters see through it!

"Drugs, needles, defecation and disease: Democrat leaders have allowed our once beautiful cities to start looking like the slums of Calcutta. Voters don’t want that to continue and yet, many of my opponents defend that lack of leadership.

"Freedom: My opponents are pushing the lie that is socialism. If Republicans are viewed as the party of freedom, they should and will win every time!

"I, unlike my opponents, am not a left-wing radical! I’m proud to be a Democrat who will use common sense and proven methods to benefit all Americans so we can win in November! Thank You!”

Dan Klusmann