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As a skier, snowmobiler, mountain biker and boater, I’ve spent lots of time in the Blackfoot and Seeley-Swan valleys. My friends and I frequently visit the communities of Seeley Lake and Ovando, spending money at gas stations, convenience stores and restaurants. We have had amazing sled-ski trips accessing the mountains, and I learned how to kayak on the Blackfoot River.

That’s why I support the Blackfoot Clearwater Stewardship Act, introduced by Sen. Tester. This bill would open up 2,000 acres for snowmobiling, and it would protect over 35 miles of mountain bike trails. But it also has important conservation elements. It would permanently protect the four tributaries of the Blackfoot River: the North Fork, Monture Creek, Morrell Creek, and West Fork of the Clearwater. By protecting these tributaries, the BCSA will help protect the entire Blackfoot watershed. It’s important to me that we protect what makes this area unique and worth experiencing.

There is a lot of support for this bill, but even after the bill's hearing this week, Sen. Daines hasn’t given his support. I urge Sen. Daines to use his authority on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources committee and support this bill's passage.

Henry Worobec


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