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If you continue to think that Trump deserves a second term, you don’t need to read this. The evidence is clear. If he is not a Russian stooge, he sure acts like one.

He is a racist and does not even use a dog whistle to get his message across. He utterly lacks empathy. After the mass shooting in El Paso we have Trump at a photo op grinning, thumbs up, mugging for the camera as Melania holds in her arms the orphaned baby of one of the victims.

For him, the world’s a stage and he is the only player on it. He not even a good liar. Only a dull third grader would assert that millions of bogus mail-in ballots printed by foreign countries would somehow be cast and counted. This rancid tub of ignorance fooled just enough voters in three states to becoming President even though he lost the popular vote by three million. This is the time to save our country so please act and vote accordingly. While you’re at it, put Daines and Gianforte out to pasture, as well.

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Jerry Calvert