I want to commend Madison and Beaverhead county’s state Sen. Jeff Welborn for voting against House Bill 284, known as the Montana Physician Imprisonment Act. After passing the House, HB 284 died on the Senate floor with 22 senators for and 27 against.

HB 284 would have revised current homicide law to include medical aid in dying for the terminally ill as a crime. Under HB 284, doctors committing the “crime” of honoring a dying patient’s end-of-life wishes could receive a prison sentence of 10 years to life or, worse yet, the death penalty. HB 284 was a horrid piece of “health care” legislation, and it is fitting that it is dead.

By voting against HB 284, Sen. Welborn defended our end-of-life liberty and our personal privacy. What a relief.

Doris Fischer