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Since our nation's founding, the right to defend your home, your family, and your property has been essential to the preservation of our rights and freedoms. Here in Montana, our right to keep and bear arms is an integral piece of our state's history of self-reliance and independence. But for years now, liberal politicians have been fighting to chip away at those freedoms. Red Flag laws, background checks on law-abiding citizens, and arbitrary weapons bans have been enacted around the country, and Democrats are calling for them to be mandated by the federal government.

Now more than ever, we need someone who will keep up the fight to protect our Second Amendment rights - and that person is Sen. Daines. Last week Daines received an A+ rating from the NRA - the highest grade a politician can receive for their defense of our Second Amendment. Gov. Bullock, on the other hand, should get a failing grade. His run for president showed his true colors on guns through his support of semi-automatic weapon bans and universal background checks on Montanans who follow the law. If we want to preserve our Second Amendment rights as Montanans and Americans - there is no better candidate than Sen. Steve Daines.

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Gretchen Lundberg