Protection of, and access to, public lands is one of the few areas of widespread agreement across the political spectrum in our divided nation. Why is it, then, that Sen. Daines still hasn’t stepped up to protect the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF), despite having promised that he would support it at full funding? The LWCF comes from offshore oil and gas royalties, and has proven successful and popular in offering land protection, recreation, and public access. In other words, a vote to fund LWCF is not a vote to increase our taxes.

Today’s report of a survey conducted by the Montana Outdoor Heritage project (Chronicle, Nov. 1) shows that Montanans from both the right and the left even support increasing financial resources to demonstrate that action speaks louder than words when it comes to respecting our natural heritage and investing in our natural future. Please just do the work to achieve full funding of LWCF, Sen. Daines, since you sit on two committees that control it.

Becky Weed