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Steve Daines probably hopes that we have forgotten his first act as a senator. In 2015, he introduced a bill, too much fanfare, requiring that Congress balance the budget or forego receiving their salaries. He said then: “Unfortunately, Washington remains unwilling to take the steps needed to set our country back on solid fiscal ground.”

This year, however, he has trumpeted his support for (deficit) spending of trillions of dollars of coronavirus bailout money. He will argue that the coronavirus presents a true emergency and, thus, an exception to his stand on balancing the budget.

That might hold water had Daines not also obediently voted several years ago for the huge tax break for corporations and wealthy individuals. That tax reduction, unaccompanied by any concomitant reduction in spending, promised huge deficits.

Perhaps his new campaign slogan should be: “Make the World Safe for Hypocrisy.”

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Jim Goetz