Trump’s recent trips to Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas, show how little empathy he has for the victims of the mass shootings. He is unable to focus on the victims and the horrifying incident they just experienced. Trump is incapable of having compassion or concern for anyone. It is all about him all of the time. That is who he is. What you see, and hear, is what you get.

Those who support Trump, including our own Sen. Steve Daines, advance and contribute to his actions. Like Trump, Daines is only concerned about his own circumstances and not that of others. Daines echoed Trump’s viewpoint when he advocated immigrants go back where they came from. Many of the people Trump and Daines singled out were American citizens. One of the victims killed in El Paso was an Army veteran. Does Daines believe this American patriot and loyalist go back to where he came because his family is of Mexican descent? Unlike Trump and Daines, he actually served his country.

Steve Daines is in lock and step with Donald Trump. Being a conservative politician is one thing. Being an open racist like Donald Trump is another. I hope Montana citizens do not hold the same racists views as Steven Daines. That is not who we are.

The only Americans who are not immigrants are Native Americans and slaves. Immigrant workers made Butte the copper capitol of the world. Labor shortages during WWII prompted the United States and Mexico to form the Bracero Program, which allowed Mexican agricultural workers to enter the country. Mexican nationalists were an important labor force that contributed to America defeating Hitler. Trump does not read or study history, so he missed these civic lessons. What excuses does Steve Daines have? He has none. Vote him out!

Jack Davis