Matt Rosendale was still claiming that he was a resident of Maryland at a time that he was a sitting state senator in Montana. The suspicion that he only moved to Montana to climb the political ladder has thus been validated. Rosendale doesn’t care about Montana or Montana values; he only cares about his career, his fortune, and himself.

In February 2015, Matt Rosendale sold some of his Maryland property and signed two legal documents—under penalty of perjury—affirming that he was a Maryland resident. He received a Maryland resident tax exemption for it. At the same time, Rosendale was serving in the Montana state Legislature. The Montana Legislature was then in session, with Rosendale casting votes to shape Montana’s future within mere days of his signature of documents stating that he lived in Maryland.

This begs the question: Did Rosendale mislead Montanans? Alternatively, did he lie about still living in Maryland so he could receive an unlawful tax break in the real estate sale? Either option is evidence that Rosendale is out for himself and lacks the judgment, ethical standards, and love for Montana to be senator; or, perhaps more alarmingly, is simply incompetent.

Thomas Blake