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Our choices in the upcoming election are pretty clear both nationally and within the state of Montana.

I quote David Brooks: In a civilized society law and order is not established with a bullying jackboot. Law and order is established through the calm, regular enforcement of decency, so people across society behave like stable, honorable human beings.

One of the most decent, honorable human beings I know is Ian Root. Ian is running for representative for House District 71.

Ian supports giving money to public education and teachers, the guardians of our children. He will support extending unemployment benefits and sick leave policies. He supports Medicaid expansion, paid day care so families keep more money for living basics such as house payments, rent, and food. He will vote to protect public lands. He will formulate climate change policies. He supports peaceful dissent.

Montana’s Legislature must foster thoughtful, stable governing with reasonable ideas and ideals. It is time for change that matters, that takes us forward into a brighter future, not backward. Moving forward in a positive decent manner is why I will vote for Ian Root for House District 71 representative.

Remember, voting is power. Vote. Root for Montana!

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Cindy Owings