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Montanans value their public education system and don’t like when politicians take public money to pay for private school tuitions most of us can’t afford. Superintendent of Education Elsie Arntzen’s support of the recent Supreme Court decision and other measures strengthen the privatization of education in Montana at our expense.

Montana’s public education system gives children an equitable chance for a great education. To keep it that way we need a superintendent of education who will ensure that our taxes are focused on our public schools, which, in turn, benefits all Montanans. That person is Melissa Romano.

Elected Montana Teacher of the Year in 2018, Romano’s extensive experience in the classroom means she knows the value of public education. She wants to keep our schools strong and make them even better by developing a preschool option which benefits children and their working parents. She’ll fight to keep our children safe as long as the COVID virus is a threat.

We need Romano because she believes in public schools. For the sake of our children and parents working hard to combat COVID-19 in and out of the classroom we should support Romano and ensure her election in November.

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Peter Schweppe