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In a headline today, your newspaper quoted Trump as saying Kenosha protests are "domestic terrorism" and it got me thinking so I searched the statistics and your archives on the treatment of domestic terrorism, commonly defined as the "use or threat of force by non-state actors for political aims."

In 2019 two-thirds of domestic terrorism was perpetrated by right-wing organizations and this has risen to 90% in the first half of 2020 as reported by the reputable Center for Strategic and International Studies.

In regards to Kenosha specifically, the situation there has been dramatically inflamed with apparent murders by a Trumpist right-wing militia member – a clear example of a domestic terrorism incident. It's time to call out right-wing terrorism as a serious and quickly growing problem. Instead the media is obsessed with Antifa and anarchists although they comprise a small fraction of total domestic terrorism incidents.

These movements get disproportionate coverage because they serve as useful distractions for Trump who amplifies this narrative through uncritical media. In short, when you use the term “domestic terror,” you should report the actual state of affairs for your readers and not let any specific party redefine the term for you.

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Mark Prat