Republicans are living on borrowed time. Voters aged 18 to 53 -- Generation Z, millennials and Generation X -- accounted for a majority of voters in 2018. These three demographic blocs casted 62.2 million votes, compared to 60.1 million cast by baby boomers and older. This was a narrow majority, but this discrepancy in numbers will continue to increase in 2020, and beyond.

Older, whiter and more religious voters are motivated by fear of immigration, anti-abortion fervor and racism. Younger voters are more focused on the consequences of climate change, women’s loss of autonomy, access to affordable health care and Trump’s cruel immigration policies. The abortion debate is becoming more of an issue with this bloc as more states move to restrict women’s access to health services.

Republicans are fighting this demographic shift in voting power through voter suppression, gerrymandering and by not addressing foreign interference in the upcoming election. Trump continues to insist Russia had nothing to do with him getting elected. This master plan worked out well for him in 2016 and he refuses to do anything to safeguard the voting process in 2020, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary by every American government intelligence branch.

The Republican Party continues to support Trump’s ideology with complete disregard for the voting rights of America’s citizens.

The increase in voter participation among the younger generations that materialized in the 2018 midterm election will carry over to the 2020 general election. Trump has benefited from support of about 40 percent of the electorate, but the demographics that voted him into office in 2016 will decrease and ultimately sink the GOP members who support him. Trump will do everything in his power to challenge the Constitution and the rule of law. The fear we are now facing is if our democracy can survive unbroken.

Jack Davis