After reading the Mueller report, I contacted Rep. Gianforte's office on two separate occasions to voice my concern and was told by the office staff that "he had not had time to read the Mueller report." One staff member told me that he was "too busy traveling." Oversight of the executive branch is one of the duties of our only representative.

Reading the Mueller report and hearing him describe the extent of Trump’s crimes and corruption was extremely disturbing. His report and testimony made it clear: Congress must move immediately for an impeachment inquiry.

Mueller uncovered over 100 secret meetings and communications between Trump’s team and Russia and their representatives -- and found at least 10 episodes of obstruction of justice by Donald Trump, in which he tried to bury the truth.

Obstruction of justice is a serious crime. If anyone else did what Trump did, they’d be in prison. Mueller made it clear that the Department of Justice prevented him from indicting Trump. That’s why it’s up to Congress to hold Trump accountable. No one is above the law in our country, not even the president.

It's time for Rep. Gianforte to take action to hold Trump accountable by moving forward with a formal impeachment inquiry. Doing nothing will only embolden Trump to continue breaking the law and will set a dangerous precedent for our democracy.

Rep. Gianforte's lack of concern is disturbing. If he is too busy to read the report, he is too busy to run for governor. He took an oath to represent the citizens of Montana. He is showing us that he does not have the conscience or skills necessary to do the job of representing or governing the citizens our state.

Denielle Miller