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When Donald Trump ran his “Drain the Swamp” campaign against Hillary Clinton and President Obama, he was never specific and never cited a specific instance of corruption or lobbyist influence in the administration. He just made the unfounded charge.

But, upon arriving at the White House, Trump proceeded to fill the government with incompetent, unethical sycophants and lobbyists. It didn’t take long before the corrupt department heads Richard Cordray (CFPB), Ryan Zinke (Interior), and Scott Pruitt (EPA) were driven from their jobs for their abuse of office. Others with conflicts of interest remain, including Wilbur Ross (Commerce), Steve Mnuchin (Treasury), Sonny Purdue (Agriculture), Ben Carson (HUD), Elaine Chao (Transportation), and William Barr (Justice).

Lower on the scale with conflicts are Seema Verda (Medicaid), Scott Angelle and Doug Demenech (Interior), Rachel Brand,(Justice), Steve Censky, Brooke Appleton and Kailee Tkacz (Agriculture), and Nancy Beck (EPA).

The self-dealing corruption of Trump himself and his waste of government funds (golfing, etc.) are so odorous that they mandate further investigation and indictment. Even more disconcerting is the collusion of Republican legislators, including Daines and Gianforte, in supporting this corruption. To recover from this vile aberration will be a massive challenge for Biden and his reformers.

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John Shellenberger