The July 3 edition of the Chronicle had three somewhat related articles.

The first was an editorial piece by Dr. Gil Lusk titled, “All is not well with our treasured national parks.” It reports that our national park system has been seriously under-funded for years and has an annual budget of just over $2 billion dollars to manage 483 sites. Congressional failure to provide for needed maintenance and repair over the past 30 years has led to a backlog of some $12 billion dollars.

The second, titled, “Big farms find easy ways around Trump trade aid limits,” documents a $12 billion dollar aid package for farmers stressed by the trade dispute with China. Soybean farmers alone are to receive $7.1 billion—over three times the budget for the national parks.

Finally, a piece titled, “President touts military ‘salute’; critics see politics,” describes Trump’s plans for Washington’s Fourth of July celebration. It has been reported elsewhere (the Washington Post) that the ceremonies are to be paid for with roughly $2.5 million taken from entrance and recreation fees from our nation’s parks.

What’s wrong with this picture?

William Bennett