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Well, fortunately I didn't ruin my laptop when I spit my coffee out reading Heidi's Barr's pretty pointedly divisive letter (August 8) about exactly who's welcome here in Bozeman.

I'm just going go ahead and guess she didn't live here in 2014 during the debate about the city having a non-discrimination ordinance. Plenty of folks with her views came and stood in front of the entire town and spoke hate into the microphone comparing LGBTQ people to rapists, child molesters, etc. You know, just the usual uninformed hate stuff.

So, while it's true that I haven't been physically attacked here in Bozeman for being gay, it doesn't mean that there aren't folks like you here that would think if that were to happen to me that I'm just getting what I deserve. Regardless, welcome to Bozeman, sorry that colored paint triggers you so much that you lose sense of reason or even just your humanity.

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Michaelanne Beighley