Your lead headline in the Nov. 21 paper is both misleading and patently wrong. It's important to correct this along with your constant barrage of hateful cartoons, carefully edited wire service stories and misleading headlines because you are causing a great deal of turmoil among citizens who simply want an accurate account of what's happening in the world so they can form an honest, well-informed decision on these matters.

Your paper has adopted the policy of publishing half-truths and outright falsehoods to promote a liberal agenda and it's getting old. Your headline indicates there was "quid pro quo" between the Ukranian and U.S. government. There was not. Even the ambassador, Mr. Sondland, who made the statement indicating he "felt" there was quid pro quo in his opening statement later testified he asked the president "What he wanted from the Ukranians," to which the president replied, "Nothing! No quid pro quo. I want the new Ukranian president to clean up corruption in his government!" While the AP story alluded to this exchange on page 10 of the paper, it was not clearly reported and thus, was misreported. You do yourselves as journalists and we as citizens worthy of an honest paper in our community a disservice with this poor quality of journalism. Do better going forward, please.

Dennis Erickson