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Many of NYC's wealthy have fled to the nearby beach towns in the Hamptons, prompting New York Post headlines like, "'We should blow up the bridges'-Coronavirus leads to class warfare in the Hamptons." Some already have the virus, and are in for a rude awakening when they realize there's only one small hospital anywhere near there.

Why is this relevant for Montanans? Because when they realize it, many are going to try to rush here. The New York Times graphic maps show Montana as the one of the best places to be. I'm from the area and owned a business there, and one thing New Yorkers are good at, because they have to be, is moving fast.

Hawaii has already implemented a 14-day quarantine on all flight arrivals to deal with it. Again, Montana doesn't have much time to address -- with much of the state already shut down -- one of the biggest remaining controllable threats to Montana. It'll also help keep our stores stocked; many of these well-heeled refugees have engaged in unabashed hoarding. 

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Chris Manthey