Cloaked in a self-professed effort to “protect” our Constitution, the liberal side of the proverbial swamp, also known as the political establishment, has taken up a very well disguised effort to thwart the Constitution they profess to protect with their “oath.”

The “high crimes and misdemeanors” are contrived to take down a duly constitutionally elected president who has tried to drain the swamp and keep election promises.

Admittedly, in many ways, Trump is an effusive oaf. Personally I do not like him. He is not a polished orator like Obama or Bill Clinton. He says things neither politically correct nor approved by swamp residents, including establishment Republicans, AKA the liberal establishment political class.

Trump did nothing more than done by all previous presidents going back to pre-FDR while dealing with foreign governments. We give billions of taxpayer dollars to other countries each year who for the most part do not believe in what we think to be the most democratic and free county in the world. Foreign policy formation is solely granted to the president. Treaties are to be approved by the Senate.

Today, Pelosi and the left side of the swamp announced, 30 minutes after the announcement of two impeachment charges, that she saved the USMCA trade agreement. The truth is this agreement was negotiated by Trump and sent to the House a year ago held up by Pelosi. Now it will be passed; Pelosi taking credit for the Trump deal.

The political establishment, both left and right, needs to be thrown out. We need to make sure non-establishment candidates are elected, preferably conservative candidates who will support draining the swamp.

Real protection of the Constitution depends on you. Vote for draining the swamp. Vote “Trumpian” in 2020 and preserve the Constitution.

Anson Crutcher