Impeachment, impeachment, impeachment is all that I have heard since the election of 2016.

We had the Mueller investigation that went on from May 2017 to last March. Even before May of 2017 all we heard was how Trump should be impeached. If the Democrats and media corruption is not crystal clear to any one of us now then we deserve to remain in ignorance. The new precedent this is setting may never end. In fact, this precedent may even bring down our republic.

Impeachment was never meant as a tool to take out a political rival. Trump’s administration has been buried in investigation and accusation from the day he was elected, even so he has been able to keep many promises.

If any of us are not aware of Fusion GPS, Christopher Steele, funding to Fusion GPS to create the Steele dossier based on Christopher Steele’s wild compilation or even the fact that Steele was biased against Trump or the FISA warrants used to extend the Mueller investigation. Will the judges who were fooled and lied to about the Steele dossier do anything to those who broke the law by swearing under oath that dossier was verified true when not one part has been shown to be true.

After Mueller investigation came to an end then the Democrats came up with the next lie to try and undo the last election. We should all respect the office of president even if we dislike the sitting president. I hope my fellow Americans can find a way to just say no to the Democrats, the media, and the dishonesty. If you don’t like the president then vote against him. I no longer respect any of the major news outlets, journalists, or Democrats that use such dishonest low illegal tactics.

Leslie Ball

Three Forks