I have some serious questions about the work of traffic engineers in Bozeman and areas outside of Bozeman. I was on my way toward Four Corners this morning. As I approached the new light on Love Lane I noticed that there was zero traffic waiting on the Love Lane approach to Huffine. Yet, as I approached the light, it turned from green to red for Huffine traffic.

Any traffic engineer should know that the default green light should be for Huffine since it is the dominant arterial of traffic. Someone needs to wake up and install a traffic sensor for Love Lane traffic so if there is no traffic on Love Lane the light remains green for Huffine. Come on people. This is so fundamental that a sixth grader knows it. The same thing happened when I approached Cobb Hill Road.

The other thing that gets my goat is all the yellow-only, left-turn arrows. The explanation I got from authorities is that the blinking yellow arrows are to remind people not to turn left in front of oncoming traffic. Are you serious? Anyone who doesn't already know that should not be driving. If they are going to have a left turn arrow, it should actually turn green at some point so traffic turning left can do so. This is another example of dumbing down of society. Believe me, it doesn't need any help.

Honestly, I have to wonder about the engineers who are designing these traffic control devices. I think it is time they all go back to school.

Stephen Geiger