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It’s been four years and again I’m faced with deciding which steaming cowpies I’ll have to step in come November. At federal, state and even local levels if you believe even half of the various candidates’ attack ads you wouldn’t vote for any of them.

And none of the candidates seem to have the moral courage to state unequivocally what he/she will do to make my life and yours better now and in the future. Not that there ever, except (mostly) in time of war, have the major parties exhibited any form of bipartisan effort on behalf of the American people but, in the last decade or so national politics, in particular has devolved into a juvenile slap-fight over who can score the most points and gain the most political power.

I swear, if I had the money of some of our American oligarchs I’d fund recall efforts against every congressman and senator in Congress. And if you’re really concerned about “foreign” interference in our political process I suggest that you have a look instead at the activities and politics of the owners of Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon, Apple and multi-billionaires like Bloomberg, Soros, Gates, and Koch. Russian oligarchs? Pikers by comparison. Not to mention the plethora of multi-millionaire “celebrities” and “stars” who populate the public ether. People who, regardless of their background are totally detached from the daily reality of us poor mortals.

Republican conservativism versus Democrat progressivism. What a choice. I suppose what it boils down to for me is this: There are many aspects of both Republican and Democrat party platforms (when I can figure out what they are) that I like and dislike, but, given the options I’m just not ready to declare myself a citizen of the Union of Socialist States of America.

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Glenn Puffer