Nancy Pelosi told illegals today how to avoid ICE. This is a senior member of our legislative branch. This is member of our branch of government that creates laws. This same branch created the laws that immigration goes by.

These illegals that Trump is trying to enforce laws (created by both the House and Senate) by evicting the people that have been judged to be removed. We did not ask these people to create families before they were citizens. We did not ask them to come here.

Now these people apparently did not have any right to be here so now Pelosi is giving advice how to avoid deportation. Every justice in the land should remove her from office and file charges against her for violating U.S. law that she is sworn to uphold.

Every Democrat should stand with Republican on this. I am outraged by this. She seems to condone murder by illegals and stands with them. I am tired and want justice. I used to be Democrat but no more. As much as I stand with them this is over the line. I am voting Trump. As a citizen I ask that I be allowed to file a charges against Pelosi as she is an outlaw. We are a people of law and without it we have not government.

Leslie Ball

Three Forks