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“No one is above the law.” - Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Dec. 2, 2019.

Who could forget Pelosi’s minions in the House, Senate, and media parroting the same line, trying to convince everyone Donald Trump was guilty of collusion with Russia in the 2016 election. Marshaling all their forces, lying and distorting the truth over two years, Democrats could not prove the president was guilty, because he wasn’t.

Nancy Pelosi is America’s version of demagogue Eva Peron, Argentina’s “Spiritual Leader of the Nation.” A law unto herself, Pelosi is a dictator who selfishly interprets the law to satisfy her personal beliefs and ambitions. Her abuse of power and perversion of justice reverberates everywhere. That Bozeman’s Democrat city commissioners, hiding behind the mask of non-partisanship, would aid and abet Black Lives Matter demonstrations in the midst of the coronavirus lockdown, yet suspend our veteran’s Memorial Day parade, reflects the same lawless, hypocritical mindset of Pelosi.

“People will do what they do,” said Nancy, tacitly supporting violence and anarchists who destroyed national monuments. Today’s Democrat slogan is that political leaders need to “reimagine” the role of our vilified police. In lockstep, we hear Pelosi’s echo chamber; Democrats in the House, Senate and media chattering the same line.

“Peaceful protesters” broke through the gate leading to Mark and Patricia McCloskey’s home. The same were part of the roving St. Louis mob that had already burned, vandalized and looted. The law-abiding McCloskeys called the police; they did not respond. But for our Second Amendment, the McCloskeys, as every American has the right, defended their lives and property with legal firearms. Incredible, they are now facing indictment not for firing, but brandishing their weapons to scare the thugs away. The fingerprints of Pelosi/Democrat corruption are all over this.

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Peter Arnone