For years the person representing Montana Senate District 32, stretching from Four Corners to West Yellowstone, has ignored the best interests of the district in favor of an ill-conceived disdain for government services and a soft spot for the most well-to-do in the state.

From opposing legislation to address bullying in schools or provide suicide prevention training for teachers to seemingly believing that important services like foster care and health care for those living in poverty can be provided for free by someone other than state government, Jedediah Hinkle’s worldview has distorted the priorities for his constituents.

We now have a compelling alternative in Pat Flowers, a long-time citizen of Gallatin County. Pat’s experience in solving complex problems is sorely needed in Helena. He knows that sensible government can help solve problems. He knows it’s not right for the wealthiest in the state to be paying the same marginal tax rate as a single mom living near the poverty level and that defunding critical state government services simply pushes the burden to higher property taxes for working Montanans.

We need Pat Flowers’ experience and common sense in Helena. He deserves our votes in November.

Winnie Arthurs