It’s time for all of us who love and cherish the Madison River to reclaim what’s ours. A group of outfitters in Ennis has decided that the river is theirs. They don’t give a rip about the health of the fishery or the experience that Montanans have when they come to enjoy the Madison. All they care about is money, and they’re acting like bullies toward not only the whole town of Ennis, but all of Montana.

Now this group has enlisted the Montana Outfitters and Guides Association to jump into this fight. It’s fitting that they would call in the group that wants private hunting for paid clients to the exclusion of all Montanans. MOGA members a couple years ago viciously attacked a wildlife biologist in Livingston for doing her job when she proposed scaling back bull elk harvest there. That’s the same attitude these welfare outfitters on the Madison have toward the river and the fish in it. If it hurts their bottom line, regulations be dammed, whether the resource suffers or not.

The Madison belongs to all of us. Let the state Fish and Wildlife Commission know that we’re sick outfitters who could care less about the Madison and conservation run the show.

Keith Shein