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In the Chronicle's Saturday, June 13 edition, I thought Dorothy Bradley's op-ed was one of the best pieces I've read in quite some time.

In it, Ms. Bradley describes the need to protect the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem. In plain speak, she gives a brief history of its creation, the problems facing it now and in a completely new twist, solutions to those problems.

She descries our responsibility to this area based on the fact that we inherited it from those with the foresight to see its importance to the many species dependent on its preservation. She then went on to describe the issues facing it today, basically the desire for development by those wishing to exploit it for business, recreation and housing.

But the beauty of the article is in the fact that the solutions she offers to these challenges lies in working together to keep the area viable to the wildlife indigenous there. In today's political atmosphere, where you are either with me or against me and if you are the latter, you should be censored, prosecuted or downright eliminated, this is a breath of fresh air.

Thank you, Dorothy, for offering a piece of sensibility to a real problem. If we could only get our current politicians to use some of that same sensibility, maybe we wouldn't be a nation so divided right now. Just a thought.

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Doug Coombs