Talk of impeachment makes more and more sense as we take issue with the actions of the so-called president - often described as a liar, crook and self-aggrandizing destroyer of our democracy. Forty-eight percent of Democrats now say there is sufficient evidence to begin impeachment hearings.

Many have also questioned Trump’s committing of impeachable offenses, although knowing he has obstructed justice and is guilty of criminal activity. Some wonder, however, if he was at any time even fit for being president - a crucial point in an impeachment inquiry. Hopefully lawyers everywhere working on the case will soon provide answers. 

Trump is after all, a president who, Leonard Pitts wrote, “...has caged strangers, taken their children from them, condoned violence against them and called them animals... demonized strangers and exploited the poor...made us a nation where justice is obstructed...that has retreated from the high ground of ennobling ideas and sacred creeds.”

It has in fact been argued whether Trump obstructs justice and commits criminal offenses. More important is questioning whether he has shown any signs of fitness for the presidency in the first place. We have certainly seen unutterably stupid lies, easily disprovable, like his ridiculous obsession with crowd sizes, consistently falsified despite photo evidence of the truth.                                                                           

Of course he lies consistently about his plans for national and/or international actions. The numbers that tell that story, fact checkers’ following, show Trump having made 9,451 false or misleading claims over 801 days.

"Intelligenser's" Andrew Sullivan quotes: “I like the truth. I’m actually a very honest guy,” President Trump told an incredulous George Stephanopoulos this week. Like almost everything Trump says, it was, of course, a lie.                                                            

For Trump, lying is central to his disturbed psyche, and to his success. Is this really the president we want for our nation?

Dan Lourie