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Dear Sen. Steve Daines, Gov.-elect Greg Gianforte, and Attorney General Tim Fox: Let me start by saying that I appreciate your service and your commitment to Montanans. However, I feel it's time for a heart to heart. I would never share my political views, but I have no issue calling out poor behavior.

I have been a Montana high school soccer head coach for 16 years. One of the hardest principles I teach my student athletes is how to lose with honor. As our leaders, your comportment is your greatest tool when teaching us, what I call, “American values.” You need to know that Montana’s most impressionable people--our youth--are watching each one of you right now. This is not the time to model how to cast blame; this is the time to model how to move on.

Losing can be extremely hard when there is a lot of pride at stake. When you feel you are the superior team, it can be difficult to come up short in a game that you feel was not officiated fairly.

But you’re not going to see me on the sideline protesting and challenging referees, or asking for a "do over" of a game, making excuses, whining, or losing my temper. Sadly, that is precisely what you, as leaders, are doing, and I urge you to consider the impact this has on our future leaders. This kind of behavior has a lasting effect on people’s character, especially on those who look to us as their leaders.

Losing does not make you a loser. Foul comportment makes you a loser. The kids who will soon lead Montana are watching! My son, Atticus, is watching you, my student athletes are watching you. Don’t be a loser. It is time to move on.

Hunter Terry


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