In the current, politically polarized climate many people are apt to purport claims that evoke emotion from their audiences and promote their viewpoints. These claims, however emotionally charged they may be, are often unsubstantiated and are not backed up by any evidence. One such claim is that the Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a discriminatory club, which if this is true would be a huge violation of student’s rights within the school system. However, for one to make an accurate assessment of this claim it is important to examine it under a scrutinizing lens so as to ensure that it is true.

With this in mind, let’s evaluate it. The claim being put forth is that Bozeman High School is discriminating against people within the LGBT community. However, I don't see how it is possible that a club could be discriminatory if any member of the community is allowed in. To this many respond that it is promoting the discrimination of people in the LGBT community. Again, how could they be promoting discrimination if nowhere in their statement of faith there is any single mention of a desire to institutionally discriminate against homosexuals? What this boils down to is simply a difference in morals among people, with one side wishing to stifle the other and prevent them from expressing their views.

If the ability of school organizations to have a certain belief is only upheld when the majority consents, then we may as well eliminate differing opinions in the school altogether. And if the proponents to shut down FCA do not hold to that standard, then they are the ones who are categorically discriminating against the people who attend the Fellowship of Christian Athletes club.

Paul Michaels