I read Mr. Klusman’s recent letter, “Trump foes can’t name any job-performance failures,” with a combination of sadness and frustration. There are a number of things that he chooses not to address.

Yes, unemployment is low and taxes have been cut. Of course, during this time the national debt has sky-rocketed. Trump said he would reduce the debt – he hasn’t and won’t. He has personally filed for bankruptcy four of five times. He doesn’t care. Nor will he be affected when they started slashing Medicare and Social Security benefits in an attempt to address this issue.

He presides over a country that is more divided than at any time since perhaps the Vietnam War – and has done absolutely nothing to try to heal that division and bring the country together. Instead, he continues his pattern of belittling people, propagating false conspiracy theories, lying (it’s well documented) and trying to bully anyone who disagrees with him. That is a major job failure. His job is to govern all of the people in the US, not just those who agree with him.

He continues to alienate our allies in the belief that the U.S. can just go it alone. A real leader would realize that the U.S. cannot survive long term without strong strategic alliances. We are damaging our alliances while China and Russia are strengthening theirs. "Make America Great" is not a long-term strategy. It is a marketing slogan. I would rather have a president who has a real domestic and global strategy versus a catchy slogan. At this point, I don’t care if the next president is a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian. I just want someone who has some moral integrity, a real strategy, treats people with respect and won’t use Twitter to conduct foreign policy.

Michael Miller