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A drift toward liberal/progressive bias in the news has occurred, the Chronicle no exception. Most of the national and international news appearing in the Chronicle comes from a biased AP (Associated Press).

Take today's Chronicle, dated Tuesday March 24. There is a debate in Washington over bills designed to help the COVID-19 virus outbreak. Congress apparently has passed two bipartisan bills and was on the brink of passing a third Senate bill. Then Nancy Pelosi returned. Following the Rham Emanuel dictum to never let a crisis go to waste, the House produced their own bill, which contains health provisions. But it also included provisions relating to the Green New Deal. These stopped passage and precipitated intense speeches on both sides of the Senate aisle.

How does the Chronicle report this news? By carrying an AP story, page A4, titled, "Tensions rise as $2 trillion virus aid stalls in Congress." The story completely omits any mention of the reason for Republican objections. These were based on Green New Deal provisions unrelated to COVID-19 medical issues. This is blatant bias by omission. Whatever happened to editor's notes?

The issue also contains a letter to the editor by Norman Bishop linking global warming to pandemics. What the esteemed Mr. Bishop suggests is speculation. Until there is proof of any linkage, Congress should pass a clean bill regarding COVID-19.

A suggestion, assign seats in the House and Senate randomly every Session. Have Democrats, Republicans, and Independents sit together. Maybe it would improve unity and make a start on getting something done in Congress.

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William H. Pound