As someone who is self-employed, I rely on the internet to conduct my business and that is why I strongly support the principles of network neutrality, which prohibit providers from blocking, degrading or unfairly restricting a consumer’s access to the internet.

That is why I read the Oct. 1 story in the Chronicle, “Court: FCC can dump net neutrality, but can’t bar state laws” which described how a recent court ruling will prohibit the FCC from restricting state network neutrality provisions.

While this ruling is certainly good news, since Montana has some network neutrality protections in place thanks to an executive order from Gov. Bullock, it is a reminder that a national solution for network neutrality is still needed.

Forcing companies who do business nationwide to comply with 50 different sets of regulations for network neutrality is unworkable. Congress needs to act now, and I urge Montana’s congressional delegation to work together to find a path to secure permanent, nationwide network neutrality protections by passing a bipartisan bill into law.

Aly Russell